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Whole/Half Hogs

Our whole/half hogs sell for $5.40/lb hanging weight. A deposit of $300 for a whole, $150 for a half reserves your share of the bacon from our fall 2016 harvests.

We estimate you will save about $1/lb buying a whole/half/quarter vs. individual cuts from our farm store, plus you can take home bones for broth and other piggy parts you might like to use. Here is a sample order:


100 lb hanging weight at $5.40/lb       $540

Butcher cut and wrap, curing           $105

Total cuts of meat approximately 65 lbs (will take up about 2.25 cubic feet of freezer space--two shelves, more or less)

More information on our exquisite information sheet!

We use Olson's Meat in Enumclaw for our custom hogs. The slaughter is here at the farm, and then Olson's, the award-winning butcher shop, transforms the hog into amazing chops, bacon, roasts, sausage, and hams. This way, you decide and tell Olson's the cuts of pork you would like.