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Why do we grow pork?

Pork was not a "go to" meat in our households growing up, and pigs were never an animal that fascinated me more than any other farm animal.  So why grow pork? 

Here is a giant from the 20th century agrarian scene, M. G. Kains, on the topic:  "The one domestic quadruped that best fits the conditions of the small farm is the hog.  He requires smaller area that any other--merely a pen and some range, with shade and a good wallowing place. . . He is the most wonderful of all domestic animals as a converter of worthless fruit and vegetables, even weeds into profitable meat."  Five Acres and Independence, Kains, 1935/1973

In learning how to grow hogs these last four years, we have come to appreciate the animals a lot more, and to appreciate the meat more as well.  Even if we stopped raising pork for our farm business, we would have to seek out quality local pork because it is so delicious and versatile.  We've also become confident that quality meat is wholesome and good for our health, so we have no hesitation in eating our pork (or similarly grown pork).

We now have our pork for sale and we're open Saturdays from 8:00 to 2:00.  Bacon, sausage, chops, roasts and more. We are also now taking deposits on whole and half hogs for September.  Check out the details here!