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Unimpeared Bliss!

    Pearfect Pork; Eating in the Impearative; delicious farm-grown Filbert Acres Pork!

   Filbert Acres signature pork is meat you can trust!  Our pigs grown on the pasture, eating leftover vegetables, organic feed, hazelnuts and and tons of apples and other fruit.  We raise them from piglets, so we can stand by what they've been fed, how they've been treated, and how the pork will taste.

    We are now taking deposits to reserve whole and half hogs for the September/October time frame.  By sending us $150 for a half, or $300 for a whole, you can guarantee a supply for months into the winter.  Our price per pound hanging weight is $5.40/lb and we had great feedback regarding Olson's Butcher shop in Enumclaw, so we'll be sending them there again.

    If you haven't bought a whole or half from a farm before, or if you have further questions, we have a helpful sheet including a total price estimate.  We're also happy to answer questions by phone or email.

    As of this week we have 5 hogs left to sell.  Now is your chance to stock up for fall and winter, get a big ham ready for the holidays, and get some bones and hocks to boil for cozy wholesome soups.  We are likely to sell out of wholes and halves for the year sometime in August or September, so please mail us check or stop by if you want to be sure to get your order in.