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Some Very Seedy Characters--No HULL

Yes, we are open tomorrow from 8:00 to 2:00 and you can buy chorizo sausage or lard or a half / whole hog.  Yes we have beautiful leeks, great onions, amazing garlic.  Yes, we have incredible sweetmeat squash, delicious delicatas, and wonderful carnival, acorn, pink banana, buttercup, grey ghost, winter luxury, Australian butter, porcelin doll, spaghetti, sweet dumpling, speckled pup, butternut, and more.  BUT we're especially excited to have, in abundance, for the first time, (tadaa!)  hulless seeded pumpkins! And they work for carving!  So come by and pick up some carving fun with unparalled seed tastiness.  One site points out that besides being delicious, "The protein in pumpkin seeds is high quality — a complete protein. Pumpkin seeds contain all essential amino acids in ideal or better proportions. "   Granola, pepito snacks, breads, salad topping, seasoned and roasted. . .