Filbert Acres grows according to organic standards & specializes in quality pork, vegetables, strawberries, cut flowers & pumpkins.  Our CSA shares feature our best, freshly harvested produce. Our USDA cuts of pork are special because our pigs have clean ground with fresh, delicious grass, locally sourced organic feed, and we finish the pigs on hazelnuts. We sell vacuum-wrapped cuts & often sell a hog or half hog.

We're open Saturdays 8 AM-2 PM, year-round

Latest News...

Radishes and more

We have some beautiful radishes this week, along with our arugula and salad mix. We have a limited supply of spinich and some yummy kale. Don't forget pork! Open Saturday 8:00 - 2:00

Spring Mix in Spring

This week we have some beautiful arugula and beautiful salad mix. Time to stock up on those vitimins and flavors you've been missing all winter! The arugula is mild--almost buttery. Open Saturday 8:00 - 2:00


Last week we picked up fourteen little piglets and got them out on pasture. They are really cute and full of spunk. Though they do like to sleep a lot . . . in a pig pile of course! Come by the farm to see them. We still have pork in the freezers--cutlets, ribs and more.

Two Tomato

We are still offering our very own tomato plants for presale up until next week and have an order form you can print and mail.  If you want to grow tomatoes this year, whether one plant or thirty, try our quality plants with more varieties at an excellent value.   Order today for plants in May.   AGAIN this week and next: choose one free pound of carrots or a free tomato plant with any purchase of pork!

Plant Sale Today! (through Feb 22): Midwinter Tomato Dreams

We are offering our own tomato plants for presale this year and have an order form you can print and mail.  If you want to grow tomatoes this year, whether one plant or thirty, try our quality plants with more varieties at an excellent value.   Order today for plants in May.   "Only two things that money can't buy -- that's true love and home grown tomatoes!"


We have here a vintage cookbook for Swift's "Silverleaf" Lard, including recipes such as "Swift Economy Cake, Ham Croquets, Pecan Rolls, Shortcake" and a section entitled "Cookies Go Modern!"  boasting that "The rolled-out cookies of grandmother's day have been transformed into modern types suited to the very modern demands for time saving.  Here are some easy-to-make grand-tasting cookies."  Spend $25 Saturday on your favorite Filbert Acres pork cuts to enter a chance to win the Lard Cooking Booklet of Your Dreams!  (or I can photocopy a page or two if you want a particular recipe)

OPEN --LAST 2013 Saturday!

We will be open again tomorrow, Saturday, from  8:00 to 2:00. 


Sorry for any incovenience--we are closed today but will be open again every Saturday 8:00 to 2:00. 

Thanksgiving Special--Extended Hours

Filbert Acres Signature Pork is on special--10% off all orders of $100 or more; 15% off $150 or more!

Also, in addition to today (Saturday 8:00 to 4:00) We will be open next week, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 2:00 to 6:00pm

Other treats to stock up on?  Carrots, Winter Squash, Pie Pumpkins, and more!

Halve-some Wholesome Pork

This is your last chance to get a half or whole hog from Filbert Acres in 2013!

"We couldn't be any more pleased," said one August customer of a half.  He went on to say, as several have said, that he would love to promote our pork by giving away a chop or two, but he's finding himself uncharacteristically selfish on that score. . .

Hog Heaven @ Filbert Acres

Raising animals well, means respecting an animal's nature. Warehouses are not the right place for any animal, least of all an intelligent playful creature like a pig. We're committed to providing quality meat through quality animal husbandry. To us, that means organic feed and a regular pasture rotation that allows the pigs to run, wallow, eat pasture, dig, and avoid their own poo.  This batch has been finish on hundred of pounds of apples and hazelnuts!

Is it Expensive?

Factory-farmed pork may seem cheap, but the costs are hidden. Some costs are externalized: farmers trapped in debt, farm workers in dangerous health conditions, pigs suffering in confinement, super-germs created by sub-therapeutic antibiotics, environmental issues with concentrated effluent. Other costs are found right in the factory pork and transferred to the consumer: lower quality, residual hormones, unknown effects of GMOs, reduced Omega-3 and unquantified effects on consumer health.

This batch has an exceptional variety of weights--you can choose smaller or larger halves or wholes.  (Halves available:  77lb, 95lb, 112lb)  (Wholes available: 147lb, 189lb, 238lb).  Email us for availability, pricing, and logistics.

Not sure if you want to buy a half or whole?  Come by Saturday and buy a pork chop to remove all doubts!