Filbert Acres grows according to organic standards & specializes in quality pork, vegetables, strawberries, cut flowers & pumpkins.  Our CSA shares feature our best, freshly harvested produce. Our USDA cuts of pork are special because our pigs have clean ground with fresh, delicious grass, locally sourced organic feed, and we finish the pigs on hazelnuts. We sell vacuum-wrapped cuts & often sell a hog or half hog.

We're open Saturdays 8 AM-2 PM, year-round

Latest News...

Everything but the Bacon

No, we didn't bring home the bacon this week, sad to say.  We do have just about every other cut of pork you could ask for:  cutlets, brats, breakfast sausage, ground pork, roasts, chops, country style ribs.  We also have squash that can rock your Thanksgiving table!  Call immediately if you'd like to discuss a half hog--soon it will be too late!

Chops and More Chops!

Yes, we are open tomorrow from 8:00 to 2:00 and we have chops and more chops.  And everything, except bacon--the bacon takes an extra week.  We also have beautiful winter squashes:  spaghetti squash, Australian butter, sweet meat, speckled hound, grey ghost, acorn, carnival, rouge vif, and pink banana!  Stock up for better-than-pumpkin pie, for soups, for baking, and more.

SUPER PIGS! Halves and Wholes available!

We are really enjoying our pumpkin cookbook by DeeDee Stovel Pumpkin: a Super Food for All 12 Months.  Last night we enjoyed an amazing pumpkin mushroom soup--creamy and delicous.  We also love her Creamy Kale Pumpkin Soup which calls for bacon and is wonderfully rich and satisfying.  But speaking of pork, our abundance of superfood squash combined with our late set of four hogs means these swine are getting some exceptional feed.  Our last wholes/halves of the year are finishing out with lots of vitamin A this year!  Come by Saturday to stock up on pork (should have restocked freezers--check back to confirm Friday!) and squash/pumpkins for all your kitchen ambitions.  Check out our halve/whole options here. or check out pork page.

Some Very Seedy Characters--No HULL

Yes, we are open tomorrow from 8:00 to 2:00 and you can buy chorizo sausage or lard or a half / whole hog.  Yes we have beautiful leeks, great onions, amazing garlic.  Yes, we have incredible sweetmeat squash, delicious delicatas, and wonderful carnival, acorn, pink banana, buttercup, grey ghost, winter luxury, Australian butter, porcelin doll, spaghetti, sweet dumpling, speckled pup, butternut, and more.  BUT we're especially excited to have, in abundance, for the first time, (tadaa!)  hulless seeded pumpkins! And they work for carving!  So come by and pick up some carving fun with unparalled seed tastiness.  One site points out that besides being delicious, "The protein in pumpkin seeds is high quality — a complete protein. Pumpkin seeds contain all essential amino acids in ideal or better proportions. "   Granola, pepito snacks, breads, salad topping, seasoned and roasted. . .

Fall CSA Share (and open tomorrow too)

Kids are back in school, the air is crisp, evening falls quickly... it's time to find your sweaters and all your favorite fall vegetables! We were scheming your fall menu way back in May and planted rows and rows of tasty winter squash, potatoes, leeks, onions and garlic. And it's harvest time! We would love for you to sign up for our Fall CSA.

The fall share consists of six weeks of $35 value, for a total of $210. You can also do a half share by coming every other week for a box ($105). We'll be running the Fall CSA October 9th through November 13th, and will be offering a Fircrest pick-up point on Thursdays, 10am to 5pm, as well as the normal pick-up times from the farm on Thursday afternoons.
What will you find in your fall-flavored box each week?

3 lbs potatoes
6-8 lbs winter squash
2 lbs carrots and/or beets
1 bunch of greens (kale, chard, or collards)   
2 lbs onions  
1 lb leeks  
2 bulbs garlic
2 other items-- including green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage, kohlrabi, arugula, cucumbers, and lettuce 

We are especially excited about our winter squash offerings.  We'll be featuring different squashes each week including acorn, carnival, delicata, Australian sweet potato, sweet meat, pink banana (awesome for pie!), spaghetti, butternut, speckled pup and winter luxury. We also have a couple of pumpkins grown just for their yummy seeds!

Here's to cozy and flavorful fall dinners-- let us know if you'd like to join for the fall CSA! And see you all tomorrow for the last Summer CSA day.

Are you concerned that this box is too large for you?  Here are some thoughts:

  •  most of the items in the box store very well, many for a long time
    • you could think about saving up potatoes from three weeks, for example, for Thanksgiving
    • beets, potatoes, carrots, winter squash, onions, and garlic store well for a long time
  •  since we don't offer a winter share, it might be strategic to freeze/can some of the items of your share for winter
    • blanch and freeze greens for soups, quiche, omelets, smoothies
  • winter squash, big and small
    • these make beautiful autumn decorations until you need them in the kitchen
    • most people don't have trouble eating through acorn or delicata squash--they are small and easy to bake in halves, and serve in the skin with butter
    • larger squashes, though intimidating to some, are a great opportunity for stocking up the freezer:
      • bake large squash, halved and gutted, on a cookie sheet just like the smaller squash, but longer cooking time
      • make a huge batch of your favorite squash soup, then eat, share and freeze
      • freeze baked squash in ziplocks measured for your favorite recipes:  pie, soup, cakes, etc
      • puree baked squash for high-vitamin baby food
      • winter squash make beautiful gifts--it says, "I love you enough to know you're out of your gourd"

Summer's Last Stand

We have some beautiful peppers, tasty tomatoes, awesome onions, purple green beans, gorgeous garlic, plush plums, and more.  Some nice pork too!  Open tomorrow 8:00 - 2:00

Like Chorizo? Love Ours!

The special continues:  chorizo-- $8.00/lb (normally $11.25/lb). 

We also have sweet corn (long very sweet ears!), carrots, basil (bulk for pesto!), cucumbers, zuchinni, kale and chard, cauliflower, and garlic.  Seedy concord grapes.  And luscious plums.

NOW taking deposits for our October batch of hogs--$100 reserves a half; $200 reserves a whole.  Stock up for winter!  Our pork page explains how this works.  Whole/half availability is limited--and decreasing.


Chorizo is an incredibly versatile sausage and ours is delicious and on sale-- $8.00/lb (normally $11.25/lb).  Great with eggs in the morning, but think about soups, beans, tacos, burritos,pizza, sandwiches, casseroles, shishkabobs, empanadas, pasta and more.  Ingredients?  Filbert Acres Pork, Salt, Spices, Paprika, Garlic.  NO JUNK. heart  check out these ideas:

We also have sweet corn (long very sweet ears!), carrots, basil (bulk for pesto!), cucumbers, zuchinni, kale and chard, cauliflower, and garlic.  Seedy concord grapes.  We love to make kale basil pesto and put it in the freezer!

NOW taking deposits for our October batch of hogs--$100 reserves a half; $200 reserves a whole.  Stock up for winter!  Our pork page explains how this works.

Tomatoes, Strawberries, Sweet Corn and More

We have pears, plums, tomatoes, basil, parsley, cilantro, cucumbers, zuchinni, and more.  My grandpa was passionate about sweet corn.  It was planted religiously every week in June, and my parents' June wedding in another state was an inadequate excuse--a cause for some grumbling when the corresponding week without corn arrived later that August.  It was critical--of the ESSENCE--that the corn be fresh.  How fresh?  The liturgy I grew up hearing was this:  "You start the water to boil and then go out to harvest.  If you drop an ear on the way back to the house, you don't stop to pick it up."  In that spirit, for the rest of today our sweet corn will be harvested on demand.  Get a free ear if you say, "the water is on to boil!"


Restocked Freezer and Tomato Bounty

We have a fresh supply of pork including breakfast sausage and bacon this week.  Also lots of yummy tomatoes!  Up for a little kitchen project on a cool Saturday?  If you buy 10lbs or more, pay just $2.50/lb.  We also have basil.  Our favorite method for preserving tomatoes is roasting them in the oven:  slice (great job for kids!), toss in olive oil (and garlic powder?), roast on a cookie sheet at 400 for 40 minutes, cool and bag into ziplocks, freeze.  Wonderful for wintertime sauces and soups (or now in your guacamole!)  Unbeatable flavor!

Also taking deposits for our October batch of hogs:  $100 to reserve your half; $200 to reserve your whole